James Holding Reishi

4 Fungi Facts That Might Surprise You

Mushrooms and other fungi are more closely related to us than to green plants. Because we are so closely related, fungi catch many of the same infectious diseases as humans. Interestingly, the substances that fungi make to protect themselves can protect us as well.

Keira with Agarikon Mushroom A

Wild or Cultivated Mushrooms – Which is better?

In general, fungal fruiting body products are superior to mycelium products. Most mycelium products consist largely of grain. And, because there are almost no fungal labelling laws in the USA, these inferior products are often marketed as “medicinal mushrooms”. Let the buyer beware!

Kari with Giant Double Reishi A

Meet the Wild and Magnificent Medicinal Mushrooms of Oregon!

Did you know that there are about 14,000 identified species of mushrooms in the world? And that this is probably only a fraction of the number of unknown species out there? Many of these species of mushrooms are edible… and many are definitely not!

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