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Naturespirit Herbs Reviews - Beach Shot 1
"I have been purchasing Naturespirit Herbs' products since 2001. As a health care practitioner, I've had the opportunity to bring their products into several integrative clinics. Their sea vegetables and herbal extracts have helped thousands of people. I continue to use their products in my own practice and recommend them to other people.

Several times in 2001, I had the incredible experience of going out to the ocean at dawn to harvest seaweeds with James. I was impressed by how he worked with the cycles of the tides and his dedication to sustainable harvest practices. I also took part in the drying process. The seaweeds were brought home to James and Kari's land and quickly fresh air dried to maintain their potency.

Timeless traditions, superb products and dedication that's hard to come by. Thank you."
Michael Altman
Seattle, WA
“A few years ago, I started using Naturespirit's Kombu and Bladderwrack powders along with selenium. It really helped improve my thyroid health. The information provided by James and Ryan Drum on the thyroid is invaluable and much appreciated. I refer patients to his website often.

Also, my kids love your Kelp Fronds and Sea Palm. They are easy, nutritious and delicious snacks."
Matthew Frey,
Chehalem Acupuncture
Naturespirit Herbs Reviews - Hanging Seaweed
Naturespirit Herbs Reviews - Hanging Seaweed 4

“Your Kelp Fronds are a major ingredient in our Umami Hot Sauce. We buy from you because they are sustainably harvested and because the flavor is incredible. You also have consistent quality and great customer service. Keep up the good work!”

David Delcourt, Seed Ranch
Boulder, Colorado
"I started using your Gigartina when I had some health issues and had really good results. Now my whole family and many of my friends use it to stay healthy. It has been a real life-changer for us, thank you for making it available!
Arbel Shemesh
Berkeley, California
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"I worked for you several years ago, and gained an invaluable and lasting education about seaweeds, herbs and health. Being a part of your team gave me a glimpse into your process from start to finish, and I have great respect for what you folks do. Also, your Red Marine Algae capsules have not only helped me maintain my health over the years, but have become literal foundation blocks on which I have built up an understanding in my own personal healing. There is a definite magic in your medicine!
Jenny Ross
Kombu Seaweed in the Wild
Wild Pacific Kombu

“As a professional chef, I’ve always thought that Chinese Wakame was very unpleasant, and I hoped (correctly, it turns out) that seaweeds from the West coast would yield a far superior product.

Your seaweeds have helped me convince a lot of suspicious people (fellow chefs included) that sea vegetables are delicious! I also like purchasing from small purveyors who are passionate about what they do.”

Frank Cameron
Bagged Seaweed on The Beach
Bagged seaweeds await the caravan.

"I try to include some seaweed in my diet every day, and it helps with my digestion. I am constantly trying to balance my gut flora, and I'm not sure if it's the transit time or mineral composition that it helps, but it does indeed help. I also like having some on hand at my clinic for my clients."

Sundial Medicinals, Utah
“Your seaweed capsules have given me an easy way to increase my iodine intake to support a healthy thyroid from a high quality, safe food source. I also use Kelp Fronds in cooking to extend the benefits to my whole family. I love your products!"
Hobe Sound, Florida
Naturespirit Herbs Reviews - Beach Shot
"Your Kelp Fronds are a delicious, nutritious snack, full of minerals and vitamins. I eat them instead of potato chips, especially at work when I’m busy. They give me better energy, clarity and endurance all day long!"
Rochester Hills, Michigan
Naturespirit Herbs Wakame Seaweed Harvest
“I've been eating Sea Palm and Kombu from Naturespirit Herbs for 24 years. I trust Naturespirit to harvest responsibly and to provide quality sea vegetables. I appreciate Naturespirit's low tech, down to earth business. Sea Palm is a wonderful compliment in my pasta along with tamari, butter or olive oil, minced garlic, sometimes kale, onions and other veggies. I also boil garbanzo beans and black beans with Kombu to make them more easily digestible and flavorful.”
P. Frederick
Testimonial Seaweed Photo 1
“I decided to buy from you after I helped process seaweed at your farm for a couple days and realized how good of a job you do.

Your seaweed capsules help keep my energy high during the day. I usually crash in the afternoon, but if I take one seaweed capsule beforehand I have energy into the evening.”
Tara Foster
Kneeland, California
Having done some research back in 2015 to understand thyroid function, etc., I decided to add your seaweed blend as a supplement to my already very nutritious diet. I believe it contributes to my well-being. I have never taken any thyroid medication, nor am I on any medications at age 64, and I am still experiencing excellent health -- very physically active, and energetic (and caffeine free).
Auburn, California
“I appreciate the quality and reliability of your products and company. Your seaweed powders and capsules have been very supportive as an adjunct to thyroid protocols and as an overall mineral supplement."
Naturespirit Herbs Reviews - Beach Shot 3

“As a master herbalist, I am very particular about where I source my herbs. Through blessing and research, I found Naturespirit Herbs and they have been my go-to company for my herbal needs.

Thank you, James and Kari - you have brought herbs to me that I never otherwise would have had the chance to work with - much less in their fresh state!”
Mady Gomez

“Sea vegetables became part of my diet when I studied macrobiotics in NYC at the (now closed) Macrobiotic Center. As a fledging natural foods chef, I was fascinated to see how a sea vegetable-rich diet helped people to not only survive, but thrive.

In addition, I took classes at The Natural Gourmet Cooking School. During this time of culinary discovery, I began to develop recipes for sea vegetables, later publishing them in my first book, Total Breast Health, Power Foods for Protection and Wellness.

Through research, I discovered that iodine - a mineral abundant in sea vegetables - is essential to breast health, and that consumption of sea vegetables is also life-extending for men.

Shortly after Total Breast Health was released, I was introduced to Naturespirit’s Sea Vegetable Powder through master herbalist and author Donald R. Yance. Donnie taught me to mix the powder with crushed flax seeds, pureed fruit (such as berries), a natural sweetener, and Natura’s Beyond Whey – a unique whey from grass fed cows.

Eventually, I started using Naturespirit’s St. John’s Wort tincture, which I take every evening in a cup of herbal tea. My sleep became deep and restful. Through the years, I tried St. John’s Wort from other companies, but the effects were not as discernible.”
Robin Keuneke
Cape Cod, Massachusetts
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