Seaweed Harvest 2020


"Fortunately, we have no high-seas adventure stories to tell this year."

We are done with our 2020 seaweed harvest! After taking some time to reflect, James summarized the harvest season as full-on busy, but amazingly smooth.

Although we harvested a record amount of seaweed this year, the calm ocean, beautiful weather conditions, and the abundant seaweed crop made it easy for us. No sudden big winds, no sneaker waves, no flipped kayaks, no injuries, and no sea-sickness.

The drying weather back at our our home in southwestern Oregon was also cooperative, and we had very good help with the drying and processing this year. Mountains of premium dried seaweed have been put away into storage.

So far, 2020 has offered a mix of challenging events, emotions and changes. Our trips to the sea, harvesting seaweed as we’ve done for 30 years, were a welcome break from all the craziness going on in the world. 

We hope you enjoy seeing some pictures from our harvest!

Seaweed of the Season: Gigartina


Gigartina plants glowing in the in the morning sun

We harvested more Gigartina this year than any other kind of seaweed. There has been an increased demand for Gigartina because it has broad-spectrum antiviral properties and tonic effects on the immune system and lungs.

We sell Gigartina as a powder and in capsules.

Gigartina Seaweed Powder Light

Gigartina Powder
1 oz = $8.40
1/2 lb = $47.00
1 lb = $88.00

Gigartina Powder can be sprinkled on food, added to smoothies, or simply mixed into a cup of water or juice. It has a pleasant, Dulse-like flavor.

Red Marine Algae Seaweed Capsules

Red Marine Algae Capsules

$30.00 per bottle

Each bottle of our Red Marine Algae capsules contains 60 grams of pure food grade dried Gigartina.

We are thankful for another successful seaweed harvest! 

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